Sweet True Story

I heard a story awhile back about a girl who was completely paralyzed and unable to speak.  One of her Sunday school teachers helped wanted to figure out which of the children’s church songs was her favorite.  They went through the whole songbook together with the little girl blinking once after each song to let her teacher know that it wasn’t it.  After weeks of doing this off and on, they found it toward the back of the book.  Shortly after the girl passed away.  At her funeral her brother talked about how he saw her in a dream the night before.  She laughing as she ran through a field of flowers.  He could hear a song playing in the background.  The girl’s teacher recognized the song as the little girl’s favorite when the girl’s brother said the title.  But she never told anyone about the song.  After the funeral she talked to the girl’s family about this and it gave them all a great deal of peace.

I can’t remember when, where, or who told me this, but I do remember that it is a true story.  Thought I would share it with everyone.


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