I’ve been trying to write a poem at the writer’s digest websight http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/poetic-asides each day.  Anyone can post one by following the prompt given and it’s free through the month of April (2012).  So I thought I would post the ones I’ve written and will write here for anyone who’s interested in reading them.  These were both written and posted today:

HannaAnna says:

The Savior

He painted the emerald isles green
and the azure sky blue
He put every vibrant color of the rainbow into the first delicate flowers
and still paints these breathtaking rainbows in the sky whenever the earth is washed clean by rain
He created the dark and clear waters
and your own beating heart
He loved and died for you
Remember the shades of all he has done

Shades of a Child

Angry red cheeks
Sad blue eyes
Rainbow of happiness
White sheet of fear
Pink I love you

I love every face he makes
because he is my child
But the most beautiful shade of emotion his face will ever wear
is the peaceful, emptiness of any shade at all, as he sleeps


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