Totaling My Car in Saving a Life

I saw something in the backyard that looked strange so I went to check it out. I wasn’t all that surprised when I found a dead possum. Our weeny dog’s life mission is to hunt and kill. We didn’t train him that way, it’s just in his genes I guess. The possum was definitely dead, but I noticed it move only slightly- it’s stomach anyway. Then I heard a strange sound, like air spraying suddenly and breifly. For some reason I felt like I should roll it over. And underneath I found 3 live babies., so tiny their eyes weren’t even open and their bodies had no hair. They looked almost nothing like their mother had. A repairmen was over, fixing our A/C, and came into the backyard at that moment. Feeling a little helpless I started telling him what I found and asked him what he thought I should do. He said I should stamp on them until they were all dead. There was nothing else I could do. But I couldn’t have done that if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I picked up my weeny dog to make sure he didn’t kill them, ran into the house, and started looking on the internet for what to do. Apparently possums are marsupials so they carry their young in a pouch like a kangeroo does. I felt awful about what happened and called an animal shelter. They referred me to someone who could help me. I got all three babies to her and she asked if there were more. I told her I didn’t see any others and she said I should check inside the pouch. Possums can have a dozen babies at a time and it would have been unusual for there to have only been 3. There were no more inside of the mother’s pouch (and looking was terrifying for me), but after walking around my backyard, I found several more that appeared to have crawled out of their mother’s pouch and kept going until they died from heat or exhaustion. But then I heard that strange sound again and looked under a bush to find a sole survivor. I couldn’t let it die. So I got back into my car and drove the 30 minutes or so to get it to the woman who could save its life. On the way my car was hit and totaled out. We were out in the country and a few people stopped to make sure we were okay. One man took the baby the 2 miles to the wildlife shelter and then came back to tell me it got there safely.

My question for you is do you think that saving that little life was worth totaling a car over?


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