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Most Ridiculous Lawsuit

Here’s an e-mail I got from the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

Is this California Case Worthy of the “Most Ridiculous Lawsuit”?


When this California trial lawyer learned that a jury had planned to award his client $9 million — after he already had agreed to a $350,000 settlement — he acted quickly…

The ABA Journal reports:

A California trial lawyer claims he didn’t have the authority to settle a case for $350,000 shortly before jurors revealed they had planned to award his brain-injured client $9 million.

In fact, the lawyer “told the judge he had accepted the offer without getting a sign-off by his client and he had no authority to settle.

I want to say I think it’s ridulous, but wouldnt we all do the same thing? I I don’t think it can be given the title of “most ridiculous” though, because there’s got to be a lot of way more ridiculous cases out there.

What do you think?