Some Simple Grammer Helps

I thought I would try something different today. I’ll share some things I’ve learned in writing my novel. They’ll probably be obvious to you, but maybe it will help someone.
Sat is someone sitting down, set is a person setting an object down.
Commas come before and after a person’s name or title if you’re talking to them. Ex. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.”
You’ve got to learn when to use a comma before too, anyway, either, and lots of others when they’re the last word in a sentence.
There’s different opinions all over the internet on how to use a comma, so sometimes you just have to read it out loud to see if you need one.
When someone’s name ends in an S and you’re using that name to be possessive of something, you just put an apostraphe after the s, not an apostraphe and then another s.
You wonder about something, you wander to a place.
Critique groups are such a blessing!
Hope this was informative and helpful. I love writing!!!


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