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Formatting Your Manuscript

Page Breaks Between Chapters:

It helps to put in a page break between Chapters, so if you go back and change something in one chapter, the next chapter’s heading won’t move an inch. To do this you:

First, make sure the cursor is on the bottom of the last page of your chapter.

Click on Page Layout at the top of the page.

Click on Breaks and choose Page, not Column or Text Wrapping.

That’s it. Simple, right? And if you’re paranoid about whether you did it right or if it worked or not, an easy way to know for sure is to go to the Home section at the top of the page and click the little square with a paragraph symbol on it. It looks like a backwards capital P and click on that. The words Page Break will appear at the bottom of the last page in your chapter. Then you can click it again and everything that just popped up will go away.



All fiction manuscripts should have a Header, so if an agent or publisher is holding two manuscripts and they drop them, it won’t be impossible to put them both back together again.The header should consist of Your Last Name/One or Two Words from the Title/and Page number . Just like that. So it could say Smith/ZanyLaces/1

To create a header, double click at the top of a page. A bunch of header and footer options will appear at the top of the screen and little dotted lines will appear to indicate the area you can write in on the page. For a Header, go to the top. For a Footer, go to the bottom. Remember, whatever you type on one page is going to appear on every page. But before you type anything, go to Page Number, which is beside Header and Footer on the left hand side at the top, and choose Top of Page or Bottom of Page, depending on where you want it. Then type in your Header or Footer…ex: Smith/Zany Laces/ …in front of the number. And you’re done!


Finding replacement words:

Now this one is pretty obvious, so don’t be insulted that I’m pointing it out. I know you’re probably smart enough to know this already, but… Just in case… For the other guy I mean, not you… Here it is.

If you want to find a better word for what you’re trying to say, a thesaurus might help. And there’s one in Microsoft Word. Just click on Review at the top of the screen.

Then click on Thesaurs. You can type in any word you want and click on one of the words it brings up to see more thesaurus words. There’s even a little back button under the box you type in so you can go back if you can’t remember what you typed or clicked on before. So you can go crazy and not have to worry about losing past words.


Finding a specific word in your manuscript:

Okay, one more thing. You can search for a specific word if you want to get straight to the beginning of a Chapter with the click of a button or if you want to know how many of them there are (you’ll have to count them as your computer locates them).

Just make sure your on the Home section at the top of the page.

Look at the far right corner at the top, where you’ll see Find, Replace, and Seclect. Click on Find, make sure your in the Find section in the pop up (not the Replace or Go To) and type in the word you want to find. Then click Find Next. And you’re done!

That’s it. Hope it helped. And I hope it all made sense. Send me a message if it didn’t or if you have questions,and do my best to help. I’ll post more if I think of anything else. Autumn is finally here, the best time of the year. Happy September, everyone!!


Some Simple Grammer Helps

I thought I would try something different today. I’ll share some things I’ve learned in writing my novel. They’ll probably be obvious to you, but maybe it will help someone.
Sat is someone sitting down, set is a person setting an object down.
Commas come before and after a person’s name or title if you’re talking to them. Ex. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome.”
You’ve got to learn when to use a comma before too, anyway, either, and lots of others when they’re the last word in a sentence.
There’s different opinions all over the internet on how to use a comma, so sometimes you just have to read it out loud to see if you need one.
When someone’s name ends in an S and you’re using that name to be possessive of something, you just put an apostraphe after the s, not an apostraphe and then another s.
You wonder about something, you wander to a place.
Critique groups are such a blessing!
Hope this was informative and helpful. I love writing!!!

Get in the Game

I’m trying to get into the ballgame of finding an agent after finishing my young adult historical romance. I’ve queried a few agencies and hope to hear back from them soon. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Most Ridiculous Lawsuit

Here’s an e-mail I got from the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

Is this California Case Worthy of the “Most Ridiculous Lawsuit”?


When this California trial lawyer learned that a jury had planned to award his client $9 million — after he already had agreed to a $350,000 settlement — he acted quickly…

The ABA Journal reports:

A California trial lawyer claims he didn’t have the authority to settle a case for $350,000 shortly before jurors revealed they had planned to award his brain-injured client $9 million.

In fact, the lawyer “told the judge he had accepted the offer without getting a sign-off by his client and he had no authority to settle.

I want to say I think it’s ridulous, but wouldnt we all do the same thing? I I don’t think it can be given the title of “most ridiculous” though, because there’s got to be a lot of way more ridiculous cases out there.

What do you think?

Totaling My Car in Saving a Life

I saw something in the backyard that looked strange so I went to check it out. I wasn’t all that surprised when I found a dead possum. Our weeny dog’s life mission is to hunt and kill. We didn’t train him that way, it’s just in his genes I guess. The possum was definitely dead, but I noticed it move only slightly- it’s stomach anyway. Then I heard a strange sound, like air spraying suddenly and breifly. For some reason I felt like I should roll it over. And underneath I found 3 live babies., so tiny their eyes weren’t even open and their bodies had no hair. They looked almost nothing like their mother had. A repairmen was over, fixing our A/C, and came into the backyard at that moment. Feeling a little helpless I started telling him what I found and asked him what he thought I should do. He said I should stamp on them until they were all dead. There was nothing else I could do. But I couldn’t have done that if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I picked up my weeny dog to make sure he didn’t kill them, ran into the house, and started looking on the internet for what to do. Apparently possums are marsupials so they carry their young in a pouch like a kangeroo does. I felt awful about what happened and called an animal shelter. They referred me to someone who could help me. I got all three babies to her and she asked if there were more. I told her I didn’t see any others and she said I should check inside the pouch. Possums can have a dozen babies at a time and it would have been unusual for there to have only been 3. There were no more inside of the mother’s pouch (and looking was terrifying for me), but after walking around my backyard, I found several more that appeared to have crawled out of their mother’s pouch and kept going until they died from heat or exhaustion. But then I heard that strange sound again and looked under a bush to find a sole survivor. I couldn’t let it die. So I got back into my car and drove the 30 minutes or so to get it to the woman who could save its life. On the way my car was hit and totaled out. We were out in the country and a few people stopped to make sure we were okay. One man took the baby the 2 miles to the wildlife shelter and then came back to tell me it got there safely.

My question for you is do you think that saving that little life was worth totaling a car over?

long day

Finally, I couldn’t post anything on WordPress yesterday or the day before. Things were really crazy yesterday with one kid sick and another having a birthday so I didn’t get to write anything. Hopefully today will be better.

So I’ve come up with a safe critique group where I know no one is going to steal my work. It’s made up of family members who aren’t afraid to be honest about what they think. I’m excited. They’re excited.

I love Writer’s Digest. It’s really informative, but everything costs money. I’m afraid to spend any when nothing is guaranteed. I don’t know if I’ll learn something that I’ll definitely use you know.

What’s everyone’s favorite holiday?

Teen Romance and Dog Poll

I’m officially writing teen romance now. And it’s so fun. I’ve always wished I could go back and redo my teen years. I didn’t appreciate or take advantage of them the way I could have. So writing about them is fun. I get to focus on reading and understanding them and it almost feels like being one. I’m happy to be moving to this new genre. Hopefully things will go better with this one.

So I posted a poll on facebook: What’s your favorite breed of dog?

here’s what people said: great dane, german shephard, rottweiler, doberman, NOT PUG, boston terrier, yorkie, and porkie (1/2 poodle, 1/2 yorkie)

So out of these slim results it looks like yorkie’s are the favorite with 1 and 1/2 votes, and pugs are the least favorite with a -1 vote.

Pugs are my favorite by far!


I just found a bunch of giveaway contests at so be sure and check them out.  You just have to go to each article and comment at the bottem.  A winner will be chosen at random.  The best one is where you get a chance to get a free query edit.  Let me know if this was helpful.

Also-I’d like to know everyone’s favorite dog breed.  I love pugs!!

Mixed up poem, need advice

I want to join a critique group but I’m worried about somebody stealing my work.  Does anyone have any advice?

Here’s another poem.  The promt was to write about something mixed up. 

Happy Hurting

She wants to go
She wants to Stay
He keeps hurting her
But then always makes her feel that Way
The way that makes her heavy heart Sing
And every sound so happy Ring
She knows that he will hurt her Again
Leave her behind to be with his Friends
But the heart, it has a mind of it’s Own
Leaving all reason forgotten, Alone
So the hurt will continue
Because without him she would Hurt so much Worse

At Last He’s Here (poem

At Last He’s Here

The end is finally here
The end of work
The end of school
The end of- “How will I pay the bills?”

The end of too cold… too hot…
The end of sickness… disease… suffering…
The end of pain… loss… devastation…
The end of death

And he is here
Life eternal
His Second Coming
Joyful for some, Torment for others
My Savior and yours
Jesus Christ… Finally… He is here