more poems

More poems below.  The prompt for the first one was a conversation (I think).  This one’s silent.  Forgot a title

Walking up to the checkout counter
I see the man of my dreams
My heart flutters and I have to catch my breath
as I watch that perfect smile turn to face me
My mouth opens to speak
but nothing comes out
My eyes dart all over him
taking him in
trying to find something to say
But the rest of him is just as perfect as that smile
Words continue to fail me

Fear and attraction

I pull my hair behind my ears
I adjust my purse on my shoulder
and scratch the back of one leg with the foot of the other
I open my mouth to speak to him again
but still nothing comes

You know what I’m saying?


The All Important Shirt

I’m supposed to be sorry for forgetting to wash your shirt while you were at work today?
Well consider this:
I scrubbed the toilet and bathtub you use everyday.
I cleaned, swept, mopped, and vacuumed.
I made lunches, did dishes, and I’m trying to get dinner on the table for you right now.
I’ve taken the kids to soccer practice, done the grocery shopping, and searched for half an hour for Milly’s lost toy.
I paid the bills and took the baby to the doctor.
I’ve changed diapers and listened to endless crying all… day… long.
Over the last week I’ve spent endless hours helping with homework assignments.
I haven’t stopped to read a book or take a nap in months,
but you kick up your feet and watch TV everyday when you get home from work…
nothing to worry about since I take care of it all.
But okay, I’m sorry I forgot about your all important shirt.
It will be on the top of my priority list from now on.


100% Scream!!! 

Something’s crawling on my arm, so I look down, I can’t see it, but it’s there,

so I brush it away.

Something’s crawling on my neck, I can’t see it, but it’s there,

so I brush it away.

Something crawling on my cheek, oh why won’t it go away?

I reach up to wipe it off.

Slapping myself in the face, I wake up from the strange dream.

Something’s crawling on my hand, so I look down.

I see the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen in my life crawling on my hand.


Gothic Soul Trapped 

Under gray, noonday sky I walk

   to the old cathedral

The only thing standing out against the gray

   is the black we all wear

The only sound I hear

   is the steady footsteps of the dark figures moving about

As the clouds begin to weep

   I put my black umbrella over my head

A mother passes by me on the street

   her dejected child walks two paces behind her

   keeping in step with her ill looking mother

For a moment I wonder how my mother is doing

   locked away in the attack

   in the attick, where the insane always arrive and remain

The stone steps move under my feet

   I pause before the cathedral door and look up at the gargoyle just above my head

   as I have so many times before

But this time it reaches out for me

   its open jaws thunder as they come for me

The stone has broken away and eaten my life

   but I cannot see the light

Under the bright, sun washed sky

   I walk to the cathedral

I’ve made my way there every day

   for hundreds of years

Surrounded by noise and light and joy

   I envy the souls who are not there

   the ones who have moved on

   and could remember the world the way it was….

   dark, lonely, sedated



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